How to Like Healthy Food More Than Unhealthy Food

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We all want to be healthy and we all know eating well is the key to health. But why is it that even though we know this we always seem to like the foods that are not good for us? The healthy foods like salads, fruits and vegetables never seem quite as appealing as the ‘delicious’ unhealthy foods. Everybody knows they should eat well, but only a few people actually like doing it. Why is this, and how do I become one of the people who naturally likes healthy food more than unhealthy food?
The key to this lies in consciousness.
Let me explain………
The 5,000-year-old wisdom of India, which is the same wisdom system that gave us yoga, meditation, The Life of Pi, and much other wisdom, teaches us that all things in reality, which basically means everything and anything that exists has a vibrational energy. This means that every object has two parts to it. One part is the physical object and the other part is the energy of that object. We can easily see and touch the physical part of the object, but the energy or quality of the object is subtler, less physical, so it can be harder to see or perceive. Nevertheless, it is still there and has an undeniable affect.
Food has an energy and when we eat it, that energy enters us and affects our consciousness. This means that our moods, desires and feelings can be and are influenced by what we eat. Eating affects our body as well as our mind. Just as what we consume with our mind affects our body, like when we laugh, frown or get aroused. In the same way, what we consume with our body also affects our mind.
There are 3 basic energies (qualities or modes to be specific) that are in everything such as food, body and mind.
Goodness is: light, happy, nourishing, supportive, content, healing, peaceful and clear.
Passion is: driven, ambitious, lusty, greedy and fast
Darkness is: destructive, depressed, angry, lamentative, slow and ignorant
If you eat foods with the energy of goodness your consciousness will be in goodness, if you eat foods with the energy of passion your consciousness will be passionate and the same goes for darkness.
In turn, the mode or energy of your consciousness will make you naturally attracted to a food of the same energy. Like attracts like.
Most healthy foods are generally in the mode of goodness, while some are in the mode of passion. Foods in the mode of darkness will destroy health and sanity.
So to be naturally attracted to foods that are healthy; raise your consciousness to the mode of goodness. This is done by making a habit of eating healthy foods and especially eating those foods with no killing involved. Your consciousness will gradually upgrade and you will find healthy food more attractive. If you touch food and say the ancient mantra ‘gopal’ the energy of the food begins to transform to goodness and even beyond. To do this, simply touch the food and say, ‘gopal’ 8 times. Try it for a month before every meal and experience its effect.
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