Why you should never sleep with your head facing North

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Life is easy to master and understand. All you need to do is to look at nature. By looking at the ways things function in nature, such as the way plants grow, the ways the seasons cycle and the dynamics of a forest and we get insights on how things are meant to be. What is perfect optimal existence becomes visible. We can literally learn how all of existence, all of reality and all of life actually works simply by observing a piece of nature.

Now people know that to be healthy we need natural food. They know factory made unnatural concoctions will never nourish and keep us healthy like a foods that are organic, natural and the way Mother Nature intended. But I am here to suggest that there is more to nature than natural foods and there is a bigger whole in holistic.

The 5,000-year-old wisdom tradition of India teaches us that nature has rhythms; days turn into nights and nights into days, seasons change, and planets go through cycles. Tides rise and fall according the phases of the moon and if you listen carefully you will be able to feel the pulsating flow of nature. The more in alignment you are with this natural flow of nature the more at peace you are with life. Only when we are in sync with nature, can the health of your body and the health of your mind be optimal.

Here are some tips on how to align yourself with the natural flow of nature:

Never sleep with you head facing North. The magnetic poles that circle the earth, the ones that move a compass, also have an effect with your bodies energy field. Optimal harmony comes when your head faces, East or South when you sleep.

Chill at night and venture in the day. When the moon shines it’s time to wind down, reduce the stimuli and strain. It is time to rejuvenate, rest and recover. The cooling energy of the night is the time of healing and tenderness. When the sun shines, take advantage of its light, life and drive. This is the time to act, create, produce, and make things happen. It’s time to strengthen and condition. Eat hearty in the day and light at night.

Say the ancient mantra “nityananda” at least 8 times. To bring peace balance and harmony to any object or situation say the ancient mantra “nityananda”, its best to do this with your eyes closed. It is a kind of turbo powered meditation  that you can never do too much of. All things have a vibration, that vibration could be in balance and harmony with your body and spirit or it could not be, use the mantra “nityananda” to calibrate, this will bring peace and harmony to any situation. Even any time you get something new, touch it and say “nityananda” 8 times. The thing will work better for you because it will begin to vibrate in a frequency that is more aligned with nature and who you are. This might sound a bit like a ‘woo-woo’ stretch, how and why this all works takes deeper study than this article has space for, my course on 6truths.com will explain all and make it all clear. This mantra also has a deep spiritual significance and application. Simply said the proof is in the pudding, try it and see the power it adds to your life.

Aligning yourself with the nature’s flow is a skill, and there is much to learn in this field. If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of this, I suggest you go now to 6truths.com and take the course. Though it is worth good money- you can have it free as my gift to you.


With love and always happy to serve;

Vishnu Swami—The Maverick Monk



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  • Mkdas says:

    6truths.com website doesn’t seem to exist?

    • admin says:

      Sorry, fixing the issue. We have added you to the list so you should get emails from Vishnu Swami with more articles and courses. For now check out EternalDharma.com

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