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The Maverick Monk’s Story

  • From Mud Hut to Manhattan—The Maverick Monks search for Spiritual Truth
  • Life in a Monastery at Age 11
  • Burning in a Box—The Maverick Monk’s Quest for Spiritual Truth
  • Tears Shall Set You Free—The Maverick Monk’s Quest for Enlightenment
  • Forbidden Truth—The Journey of the Maverick Monk
  • Dis-Robed By an Elephant

Personal Growth

  • Why You Should Never Sleep With Your Head Facing North
  • More Tangible Results, with Less Effort—Maverick Monk Tells You How
  • How Powerful Can You Really Be?
  • The Maverick Monks Guide to Getting What You Want
  • Why What you Can’t see is Better than What you Can See
  • Discover the Hidden Mysteries of the Elemental Reality System


  • The 3 Things Holding You Back from Spiritual Success
  • The Truth About Karma
  • How to Harness your Inner Intuition for Spiritual Success
  • Sassy Spicy Spiritual Surrender
  • The Deeper Meaning of Om
  • How to Step into the Natural Flow of Existence for a Happier Life
  • The 3 Stages of Spiritual Evolution
  • Maverick Monk brings Clarity on Mysticism, Spirit, God and the “Woo-Woo”

Money and Business

  • Can Money be Spiritual?
  • How Spiritual Wisdom Can Make You Rich
  • Maverick Monk Reveals Ancient System for Business Success
  • Igniting a Spiritually Sustainable Business


  • What Yoga teachers Don’t Tell You About a Complete Yoga Practice
  • Do You Need the Spiritual Side for Yoga to Work?
  • What is Bhakti Yoga and Why you Need it!
  • The Hidden Conclusion of 5,000 Years of Applied Yoga


  • Can God be Sexy?
  • The Sexy Side of Enlightenment—Passionate Enlightenment
  • How to Transcend Beyond Regular-Old Enlightenment
  • More Money, Better Sex and Bigger Biceps through Spiritual Surrender
  • Is Karma Really a Bitch?
  • Why did God Create Sex?


  • What you don’t know about Dharma Could be Hurting You
  • The Essential Spiritual Principle of Dharma
  • The Difference Between Karma and Dharma
  • Uncover your Highest Spiritual Purpose
  • The Maverick Monks Insight on an Exhilarating life Purpose
  • Purpose Beyond Death
  • Know Nature to Know Yourself



Print Media





  • Can God be Sexy?
  • Why did God Create Sex?
  • Maverick Monk brings clarity on mysticism, spirit, God and the woo-woo
  • Can you eliminate life’s pain forever? This monk says yes!
  • 3 reasons how spiritually has lost its way and how to get it back on track again
  • How to infuse every second with passionate spiritual love
  • The Maverick Monk reveals the only 6 spiritual truths you need to know


  • Why you should never sleep with your head facing North
  • How true spirituality provides perfect health
  • Eliminate stress with ancient wisdom


  • How spiritual wisdom can make you rich
  • Why spiritual surrender is the most powerful thing you can do for your business
  • The Maverick Monk reveals ancient mindsets for business success Women
  • What Bhakti Yoga is and why you need it




Why you should never sleep with your head facing North

Life is easy to master and understand. All you need to do is to look at nature. By looking at the ways things function in nature, such as the way plants grow, the ways the seasons cycle and the dynamics of a forest and we get insights

Media Experience

How Spiritual Wisdom Can Make You Rich

The Maverick Monk– Vishnu Swami

The Godly Banana

The One Spiritual Thing We Can Do

  • Was featured in the multi-award-winning Hollywood documentary—Finding God in the City of Angels
  • Featured on over 210 Media Outlets in the USA
  • Was Interviewed on Fox News, Z Tv and many stations in India
  • Appeared in at least 15 newspapers and radio shows in India
  • Has done MANY segments on radio programs in the USA

“Vishnu Swami was a delightful guest on my show. He is bright, informative, and easy going and handled the tough questions smoothly and with great style. I would gladly have him on again”.

Lewis Harrison

WIOX 91.3 FM

“Vishnu was an articulate, informative and charming guest on my Read My Lips Radio program. Through our unscripted, lively, fun conversation, my audience and I learned about his personal journey and his deep commitment to spirituality.”

Bonnie d. Graham


” How refreshing to interview Vishnu Swami, aka the Maverick Monk, on my show, Sharkie’s PEP Talk.  He brought spirituality down to earth and explained how it helps us with our everyday lives, including how to manage stress and improve health.  He was fun, inspiring, and enlightening. A true gift to a spiritually starved society.”

Sharkie Zartman


The Radical New System Of Effectiveness

We often feel powerless in our lives. We have many desires but are limited in our ability to transform those wishes into tangible results. We are confused and unsure about what will really make us happy. In Eternal Dharma, Vishnu Swami guides you on a journey to align yourself with the natural flow of existence through the ancient Eastern knowledge of Veda. Eternal Dharma distills 5,000 years of spiritual wisdom so you can learn to live an enlightened, effective, and fullfilled life.

  • Explore the subtle and physical domains to achieve a transformational new relationship with reality.
  • Learn the radical new system of effectiveness.
  • Gain clarity on all spiritual and religious paths.
  • Free yourself from pain and suffering to reach pure, transcendental love.
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