The Spiritual Guide to Effective Living


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The Ultimate System for Goal Getting, Financial Abundance, and a Super Accomplished Life

The Unprecedented Elemental Reality System is the new and unique system of effectiveness based on 5,000 years of wisdom, that has been made famous in Vishnu Swami–The Maverick Monk’s book Eternal Dharma.

Half of the Maverick Meditation Method is based on this System and by mastering it you can truly and easily master life.
Want more money, better relationships or to achieve your goals fast? This unique step by step system will let you easily take charge of every area of your life, and empower you to a greater type of practical real world success. Through it you will find exactly where your blockages are and what to do about them. You will find where and how to apply your energy for the most powerful results and you will set up systems, to keep you life flourishing in steady growth, solidly moving you towards satisfying success.
On top of this you will learn how to do this with a deeper level of inner spiritual fulfilment, presence and joy.