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The Maverick Meditation Method For Life Mastery


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Product Description

Integrate Meditation Into Your Busy Life in 42 Days or Less
 I’m ready to invest in myself,  be fully present for those that I love, consistently operate from my higher most powerful self and become an extraordinary stress-free success through integrating a regular meditation practice  into my life.
Here’s a breakdown of the entire program:
  •  Have a regular meditation practice fully integrated into your busy life
  •  Effortlessly operate from your higher self with presence, clarity, focus, calm and the successful grace that the best high performers seem to have
  • Relive stress like no other
  • Know the different types of meditation and which benefits they provide, to create the exact results you want
  • Harness clarity of thinking, hidden creativity and inner guidance
  • Easily access peace of mind, tranquility and that state of relaxed calmness
  • Get rid of self-doubt, overcome procrastination, and obliterate the many inner roadblocks hindering your success
  • Easily and constantly upgrade your finances, relationships, confidence, health, sleep, youthfulness, physical energy, vitality and sexual attractiveness
  • Connect with your deepest spiritual self
  • Almost effortlessly become an expert meditator
Component #1: The Maverick Mediation Core Training: ($697 Value)
Week 1: Foundations for Proper Technique
  •  Clearly understand what meditation is and the four goals and outcomes it can provide
  • Understand the four critical meditation categories that every type of meditation falls under
  • Define and set your own goals/intentions for your meditation practice
  • Learn and practice the Foundation of The Maverick Meditation Method.  + Get to know and connect with the Maverick Meditators Community
Week 2: Befriending your Chattering Mind
Stage 1: Energy Mastery
  • Destroy stress forever
  • Know the nature of your mind and how to easily work with it
  • Uncover the Unprecedented Elemental Reality System. Access the secret key to worldly power
  • How to use meditation for energy, health and even yogic balance
  • Learn and Practice: Maverick Meditation Stage 1: Energy Mastery  + Share your experience and with your Maverick Meditators Community
Week 3: The State of Maximum Effectiveness
Stage 2: Serenity Calm
  • Destress, Detach, Declutter your mind to achieve a new level of power and peace
  • Harness the power of singular focus and start to “beef up” the focus muscle
  • Be present with the unadulterated you, for a new type of clarity, freedom, and power
  • Learn and Practice: Maverick Meditation Stage 2: Serenity Calm + Share your experience with your friends at the Maverick Meditators Community 
Week 4: Achieving Mental Clarity
Stage 3: Inner Wisdom
  •     Systematically and strategically connect with your inner intuition to get clarity on which actions to take, when to take them and in which way
  • Give your brain space to process, create and give you clear answers
  • Get more done with less effort by easily aligning yourself with the super consciousness
  • Learn and Practice: Maverick Meditation Stage 3: Inner Wisdom + Share you experience with the Maverick Meditators Community 
Week 5: Accessing a Different Type of Happiness
Stage 4: Ultimate Bliss
  • Understanding the 3 Stages of Spiritual Evolution
  • Discover new Mindsets to Elevate your Spiritual Practice to the next level
  • Use Meditation to lighten up life and infuse it with more fun by operating from your highest state of spiritual connectedness
  • Connect with a Higher Power through meditation
  • Learn and Practice Maverick Meditation Stage 4: Ultimate Bliss + Share your experience with the Maverick Meditators Community 
Week 6: The Hidden Key to Ultimate Power, Love, Spirituality and Success
  •   Turn life into an ultra-productive-fun-dance by deeply knowing Yin (the feminine force) and Yang (masculine energy)
  • Take your meditation to the next level, with a unique set of visualisations and thoughts
  • Learn how to constantly improve your meditation and thus continually enhance your results and experience of life
  • Deepen Maverick Meditation Stage 4: Ultimate BlissShare your with the friendly Maverick Meditators Community 
Component #2: Mastering Time Through Meditation ($397 Value)
A Practical Guidance to not only Create Consistency in Meditation but to also use meditation to create more time in life
Time is our greatest asset, mastering life is mastering time. The number # 1 frustration of all meditators is that they don’t have the time to meditate. Mastering Time Through Meditation is a course composed of practical real world tips for managing your time and your life so you can naturally and easily meditate daily, no matter how much responsibility you have. The course also shows you how the regular practice of meditation does not cost you time, it actually creates it for you.
Component #3: 6 Live Group Coaching Calls ($894 Value)

Our fun, personable, weekly Live Group Coaching Calls serve two purposes :

      1. Ask Questions: No learning is complete without the ability to ask questions, here is where you get to ask your questions and even be personally coached by the Maverick Monk. You may also email your questions in ahead of time.
        2. Get a deeper dive into the wisdom and training in an interactive discussion with Vishnu Swami–The Maverick Monk. The courses are designed to be as time efficient and easy to consume as possible, yet we must remember that this wisdom has grown over thousands of years and is thus filled with much depth and nuance. Vishnu Swami wants to make sure that you fully understand each concept and are fully supported in integrating this wisdom and meditation practice into your life.
All calls will be recorded and provided to you in your members area for future reference.
Component #4:  5 “A Different Kind of Guided Meditation Audio and Video Tracks” ($124 Value)

We can all use some hand holding, “A Different Kind of Guided Meditation Audio and Video Tracks” are guided meditation recordings that support you through the 4 Phases of Maverick Meditation taught in the Maverick Meditation Method Core Training.

-Maverick Meditation: Foundations
   -Maverick Meditation Stage 1: Energy Mastery
-Maverick Meditation Stage 2: Serenity Calm 
-Maverick Meditation Stage 3: Inner Wisdom
-Maverick Meditation Stage 4: Ultimate Bliss 
There is one track for each phase, and each track will support, and guide you at every step to ensure that you are doing it correctly.
While most guided meditations recordings put you in the passenger seat of meditation and may become a crutch, “A Different Kind of Guided Meditation, Audio and Video Tracks” are designed to support you in your meditation, plus teach you to meditate completely on your own, thus freeing you to give up use of the tracks once you feel completely comfortable and ready.
These Tracks further ensure that anybody in any situation can effortlessly and easily learn and practice the Maverick Meditation Method no matter what.

Component #5:  6 Weeks of the Maverick Meditators Community  (Priceless Value)

      A. Besides practical education The Maverick Meditation Method for Life Mastery is about being part of a growth minded community. It can be hard to excel in something if you are by yourself. We all need support and community for it is essential for any type of sustained success. In the Maverick Meditators Community you can connect with others, share your feelings, your experiences and ask questions. The Maverick Meditation community is full of people just like you, learning Maverick Meditation and looking for more in their life.

      B. The The Maverick Meditators Community is more than a place of like minded cool people for you to share and connect with, it is also an integral part of the training process. Each week the homework will include sharing specific things in the community, getting feedback from others and seeing what others are experiencing. This compounds your growth and learning. Some say that our community is the most valuable part of The Maverick Meditation Method for Life Mastery program.
Meditator Supreme–The Premium Package
Everything included in the Basic Package Plus:

Four 30-min Private Coaching Sessions with The Maverick Monk: ($997 Value)

Beside education, The Maverick Meditation Method is all about giving you the tools to fast track your success. There is no better method to mastery, than one on one coaching with experts who can give you personalized feedback. The Maverick Monk’s 25+ years of meditation experience ensures that he can provide you with the best insights possible to overcome your blocks to growth and take you to the next level.

2 Tickets to Spiritual Success Academy Live: ($1,997 Value)

Come see the Maverick Monk live at Spiritual Success Academy. At this one of a kind live event we will explore secrets success principles that kings have used for thousand and thousands years to manage and grow legendary kingdoms. Some of the greatest kingdoms in history were created and run on these principles, yet the modern world is bereft of such wisdom and therefore doomed to a mediocre existence.

At Spiritual Success Academy Live:
  • Learn and use hidden, unique spiritual and yogic principles to make more money, have better sex, run a better business and be deeply fulfilled
  •  Stay on the cutting edge of personal growth, and be the best at what you do
  •  Experience a new type of Spiritual growth and atmosphere–For no seminar is quite like the Spiritual Success Academy experience
  •  Connect and network with success minded attendees, who are, or soon to be, leaders in their field
  •  Take your meditation to the next level

 3 Months of “Unlocking My Meditative Mind” –  for cementing and enhancing my Meditation practice ($2,079 Value)

You can and will surely get a powerful meditation practice integrated into your busy life with the regular program. But an additional 3 months of meditation support, education and guidance is a God-send for those who want the premium experience and who are truly serious.

These extra 3 months Include:
  •  3 Months Maverick Meditation Monthly : A monthly Video training that guides you to new levels of depth, power and dimension in your meditation
  •  12 Live Group Coaching Calls (done weekly, recordings will be made available):  Ensures you are firmly fixed and continually growing in your meditation practice. As you grow in meditation, new questions arise, this guarantees you the ability to ask them and get great answers.
  •  3 Months Extra Access to Maverick Meditators Community: Priceless!
  •  Provides additional community support. We cannot emphasize how valuable this is.

Must Have Meditation Kit: $47

A special kit with thousands of years of traditional and spiritual significance, composed by the Maverick Monk and custom imported from India, will be mailed to you. These beads and tools are very useful in enhancing your meditation experience and making it easier to do. The Maverick Monk and other accomplished practitioners regard their mediation kit as their top most important possession.

Full access to the 5 components of Maverick Meditation for Life Mastery Program, for your spouse or family member ($2,112 Value)

Trying to improve is hard when we are doing it alone. When the people in our life are transforming with us, the journey is so much more fun, sweet, and sustainable. That is why I am offering the the entire Maverick Meditation for Life Mastery Program for you to give to a loved one or business partner. Plus if they are meditating they will be much nicer to you 🙂

Giving someone the opportunity to integrate meditation into their life is such a sweet gift, and now is your special chance to give it.