Eternal Dharma

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We often feel powerless in our lives. We have many desires, but are limited in our ability to transform those wishes into tangible results. We are confused about our desires, and unsure of what will really make us happy.

Eternal Dharma distills the essence of 5,000 years of spiritual wisdom, teaching us about the very nature of reality and how we can live powerful, effective, and fulfilled lives. It teaches and inspires us to take action and reach enlightenment and pure, transcendental love.

Vishnu Swami, who became the youngest Swami in Vedic monasticism at the extraordinary age of 23, takes the ancient Eastern knowledge of Veda and guides you through a journey of understanding, empowering you to maximize your effectiveness and manifest your fullest spiritual potential in everything you do.

Eternal Dharma clearly shows you how to align yourself with the natural flow of existence and gives you powerful ways to:

Gain clarity on all spiritual and religious paths.
Access Universal Power for maximum effectiveness.
Learn about the subtle and physical domains to achieve a totally new 
relationship with reality.
Learn to become enlightened—freed from all the pain and suffering of this world.